Important Facts about Scuba Diving Certification


There are endless exploration possibilities when it comes to scuba diving. The water masses, especially the ocean and lakes can unlock a door to a whole new world of exploration. First things first, before any person goes out diving, they have to get certification from an accredited scuba diving training institution. A scuba diving certification is a short course that trains a prospective diver on the safety procedures involved in diving. This is a very important endorsement because it lasts a lifetime. The minimum age to venture into scuba diving is ten years old. This is a clear indication that an individual can pursue their scuba diving passion right from a tender age.


The scuba diving training is divided into three-phase. The first phase is where a learner enrolls for the class and is taken through a theory class on scuba diving. There is a turn of information to learn from here. The diving instructor normally recommends that the learners take time to go through the literature at their own pace and their own free time. Once a person has gained confidence in the theory part, they sit for an examination to test on their knowledge base. If the learner passes the examination, they are ready to go to the next phase of the course. Check out this website at for more info about scuba diving.


In the second phase, the student first reviews what they learned in their theory class with the instructor. This is in preparation for taking practical scuba diving classes in NJ. Thereafter, the learner will take their first practical class under the supervision of their instructor. This lesson takes place in a confined water space such as a swimming pool. In this class, they are taught how to clean their mask, and set their scuba diving gear. The student is equally taught on safety procedures. Similarly, the learners will also be taught on how to enter and exit the water safely. This lesson is usually repeated severally until the learner is confident and ready to proceed to the next phase.


The last face of the scuba diving lessons in nj involves diving in an open water space. This may include rivers, quarries, lakes or ocean. The learner has to take four dives under the supervision of his or her instructor. Here, students are taught how to breathe underwater, how to remain come under water and reminded on the need to frequently check their gas gauge in order not to run out of air. At this stage, the diver is only allowed to dive sixty feet deep. Once they are through with their fourth dive they are given the certification. This endorsement allows them to undertake scuba diving activities anywhere in the world.

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